Audio mastering is the final and most critical step in the post-production process. It’s the stage between the final mix-down and the distribution of your music. Every major label release is mastered to prepare it for radio play and retail sale. Once mastered, your songs are then ‘release ready’ and should stand up comparably in quality and loudness to commercially released music. To improve your recording the mastering engineer can:

• Raise the overall level.

• Even out song levels and EQ individual tracks for cohesion.

• Correct minor mix deficiencies with equalization.

• Enhance flow by changing the space between tracks.

• Eliminate noises between tracks. 

• Make your music sound great on any sound system. 

• Add your ISRC codes.

• Add CD-Text information (Artist, Title, and Track Names that can be displayed by some CD players).


Your material may be submitted as finished stereo mixes or stems. We recommend a hi-resolution format such as WAV or AIFF files at 24-bit/48K (or higher sampling rates) be submitted in order to achieve the best results from the mastering process. If a hi-resolution version of your audio master is not available, see below for a list of other acceptable formats. Formats we accept for audio mastering We can accept your music one of the following formats:

• Audio CD • Data Files (wav, aiff, etc.) on CD-R, DVD-R, flash drive, or via upload / Dropbox

• DDP file sets (on CD, DVD-R, flash drive or via upload)

• 1/4" Analogue Tape


Compressed file formats such as MP3, AAC, or WMA files are not acceptable as a source for mastering. It is recommended that processes such as compression, limiting, maximizing, etc. not be applied on the stereo buss during mixdown. A master that arrives already compressed and or limited greatly reduces the ability of the engineer to deliver the best sounding master possible. Delivered mixes/stems with excessive level, clipping or audible distortion may also prevent us from mastering your project to its fullest potential. Leaving 3-4 dBs of headroom during mix-down is a good rule to follow to avoid clipping and distortion on your master.

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