Audio Mixing or Mixing Down as it is also referred to, is the combination of all of the individually recorded tracks/instruments on your song, professionally mixed by an Audio Engineer. The Audio Mixing process creates one balanced and unified stereo song file that would then be presented to the Mastering Engineer. A mix-down is the combination of audio tracks and the adjusting of their position in the stereo field, whilst controlling the frequency content and dynamics of their sound through EQ and Compression. It also includes the application of effects such as reverb and delay, which gives the audience an enhanced and more pleasurable listening experience.


While most of our mixing is done "in the box" within Pro Tools, we can also offer you analogue mix-down through our AMR 32 X 16 console, to 1/4" tape. You will need to let us know so that we can prepare the console in advance of your mix session.

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