Most of our reccording, production and mixing, is done using Pro Tools 11 and our AMR 32 X 16 track analogue console. The main control room features Danish-built Dynaudio BM6 Mk II monitors to check mixes with, and an Avantone Active Mix Cube for mono referencing. This ensures that what you hear in the studio will translate on other systems. This room is occupied by some of the industry’s leading brands of pre-amps, reverb and compression, and a number of boutique effects, delays and pedals. (See, GEAR for full listing of outboard gear), The Control Room has direct line of sight into the Live Room and the Isolation Booth, which makes communication between engineer and musicians extremely comfortable. Mobile baffles (gobos) allow us to adjust the room acoustics depending on what kind of sound is called for at the time. The Live Room also doubles as a rehearsal area. There is an additional Iso Booth that can be used as an amp room.

Contact Information

  • Unit 1 / 12 Angourie Rd, Yamba NSW 2464
  • Phone: 61 (02) 6646 9565
    Mob: 0405 123 180
  • E-mail:

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